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Noorani Qaida

For beginners Norani Qaida is the best course to understand basic language to learn Quran.Norani Qaida course is the online Quran classes through which our teachers teach kids and adults rules of tajweed to pronounce the arabic properly. it will make them unable to understand the vowels and rules of quran word by word, through which they will be able to understand more and more knowledge about basics of Quran. First 3 free online quran classes will make you able to understand the knowldge of basic Makharij.This online Qaida learning course will lead you or your kids towards the learning of online Quran properly with rules of Tajweed. Join now and get your free online Quran class to make your kids able to read and recite Quran smoothly.

Noorani Qaida

Quran Reading

Basic Quran reading course provide you and your kids about the knowledge and learning of Quran with rules of Tajweeed. After completing online Norain Qaida Course with tajweed rules successfully one will be able to join Basic Quran reading course. In Quran reading online our teachers will teach quran according to the rules of Quran. Our online Quran teachers will provide you srvices profssionaly so kids and adults can feel comfortable while understanding Quran. Online Quran class via skype and zoom will make you more comfortable to read Quran at home . Our female teachers of Quran will teach Quran to sisters according to way of shariah. Online Quraan Academy will provide english speaking teachers as well to understan the rules of Quran in English. For learning Quran online best website is Quraan Academy's site, which is providing professional services of Quran reading, Quran Teaching, Quran learning and Unerstanding Quran with tafseer in Uk, USA, Canada, Australia and middle east. To avail our free online Quran class(Demo) Just signup now. .

quran reading

Islamic Teachings

Islamic teaching is a course in which our tutors provide complete knowledge of Islam by using Quran and Hadith. Online Islamic teachings course is for all age groups. Eapacially for the newly converted in Islam. Online learning of Islam will open the doors of knowlde and wisdom for your kids. In English countries we are providing Islamic learnig online from Pakistan to make your kids more advance is Islamic History. In online islamic sessions via skype/zoom our Qualified male and female teachers will guide the kids anbout basics of islam, about pillars of Islam, Who is Allah, About learning of Prophets and other basic Islamic stuff. For females we have oline islamic females tutuors who will guide sisters about the way of Islam. we do have online Alim, Alima's who have enough knowldge of Islamic scripts to gudie people about the legal(Sharai) rules of Islam. In this Islamic Teaching course our online Quran and islamic teachers will also lets the kids momorise Namaz, Kalimas, basic Duas and shorts surahs of Quran. Join Quraan Academy online for free demo lesson of islamic Studies.

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Online Education

In addition to teaching Quran online, we have also started online classes for Maths, Science subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science from grade 1 to Grade 12. we also do prepare kids for GCSE, O levle's, and A level's online.Our Expereinced teachers teach online with motivation and experties.If you have any inquiry regardin online GCES, IGCES, O'level, A'level please don't hesitate to contact us.

Online URDU

with other schools subject we are also offring online urdu learning. For kids and adults we do offer online Urdu classes in which we include urdu speaking, urdu reading and urdu writing. so join now to learn your native urdu languague online fluently.

online education
Learn Online Quran

Best Holy Quran Teacher

Online Quraan Academy is having best Quran teahers to teach your kids Quran Properly. Our online Academy's Quran teachers are Qulaified with Tajweed, Tafseer, Hifz and Qirat. Recitation of Holy Quran is the best Quality of our quran teachers. Best online Quran Academy with best Quran teachers is ready to serve you.

Our Amazing Team quran

Aliya Tabasum Islamic teacher
Abdul Hadi Qari
Sadia Kanwal Teacher

Happy Clients

Isaa Muhammad

I am very happy and comfortable with these online Quran classes.My kids started basic coures now they are on Quran and improving day by day with Quraan Academy. appreciate the services of Quran academy as they are doing very well job. May Allah give them reward ameen

Adil Rasheed

QuraanAcademy has provided us best services. We highly recommed them. I had tried diffrent institutue but happy to continue with this academy, as there professional attitude attract us more.My kids are very happy with teacher. i will highly recomend to my friends and family.


I am newely converted in Islam this online Quran institution provide me vast experience Islam, Method of Prayer and other Islamic stuff. With the efforts of Quraan Academy i am Allhamdulilah able to read Quran now. my all prayers are for Quraan Academy and their organisers as they are helping me a lot to understand Islam.

Umar Farooq

Quraan Academy is the best online institutue i have found. there best Quality tecchers and the quality of there teaching make my son able to read and understand Quran. I really recommed Quraan Academy online to all.

Alie Amla

I am an adult and it was very hard for me to read Quran. Online Quraan Academy provide me the best plat form to learn Qaidafrom basics. Allhamdulilah with the efforts of my teacher i am able to read Quranic aplphabets now ans soom will be able to read Quran Insha Allah. Thanks to Quraan academy.

Deeqa Ghaffari

I have tried several online quran academies, but every time i find it very hard for my kids as kids were not comfortable due to languague barrier. but in Quraan Academy i foind good English speaking teachers who help my kids to learn quran and read properly. i will highly recomend Quraan academy for quran classes to others.